1: Enjoy a crunchy Chopped Wedge Salad with crisp iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, and creamy blue cheese dressing.

2: Start by chopping up a head of iceberg lettuce into bite-sized pieces for the base of your Chopped Wedge Salad.

3: Add in some crispy crumbled bacon for that savory crunch in your Chopped Wedge Salad recipe.

4: Halve some cherry tomatoes and mix them in with the lettuce and bacon for a burst of freshness in your Chopped Wedge Salad.

5: Drizzle on a delicious creamy blue cheese dressing and toss everything together for a creamy and tangy finish in your Chopped Wedge Salad.

6: Garnish your Chopped Wedge Salad with some additional blue cheese crumbles for an extra burst of flavor.

7: Serve up your Chopped Wedge Salad as a refreshing and satisfying side dish for any meal.

8: Enjoy the simplicity and deliciousness of this Chopped Wedge Salad recipe with every crunchy and creamy bite.

9: Indulge in the classic flavors of a Chopped Wedge Salad for a light and flavorful meal option.