1: Simone Biles, Olympic gold medalist, is relieved her husband Jonathan Owens is back home after the NFL season.


2: Biles and Owens have been separated due to his football commitments, but are now reunited.

3: The couple has been documenting their long-distance relationship on social media.

4: Biles has been vocal about missing her husband and counting down the days until his return.

5: Owens plays as a safety for the Houston Texans, while Biles is a world-renowned gymnast.

6: Despite their demanding careers, Biles and Owens prioritize their relationship.

7: The couple's love story began in 2020 and has only strengthened over time.

8: Biles often expresses gratitude for Owens' support during her personal and professional challenges.

9: Fans are thrilled to see Biles and Owens back together and wish them endless happiness in their relationship.